Tough Times

Returning to work, coping with the new normal or feel like everything is chaotic?

The problem

COVID-19 forced us all to face a lor of new situations. Social distancing and changes in our work can cause feelings of isolation. Self-leadership skills are needed wether we are working from home or affected by furloughs. Changes in our work and the potential economical struggles caused by it worry us. The effects on society and potential second wave and its effects on ourselves, our loved ones and the society cause concerns.

What helps

Auntie helps you to process the situation with a resolution-orientred mindset. Together with an Auntie professional you’ll find ways to make your day-to-day life smoother and more positive in this new situation. You’ll feel heard and learn new ways to look at things. Auntie’s Tough Times package includes 1-2 45 minute video meetings with an Auntie professional.

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