Times they Are A Changin'

When nothing is like in the good old days. But is it really a problem?

Just when you thought that you managed to cope with a major change, next one is knocking on the door…

What’s the matter?


Nothing else is permanent except change – what a cliche’. If you just for once could concentrate on what is already on the table, without putting all your energy to an organisational change, big IT-system change or to a changing law bringing new obligations… Even trying to stay tuned with the ongoing digitalization forces you to learn new things every day – new changes are coming from both behind and front. Change takes it’s toll, even if it is a positive one.

How can we help?

Change is also something that you can prepare for. Recognizing the phases in a change and understanding them, helps you to cope with it. You can also prepare yourself for the challenges the change may bring along. And you can practice the skill of letting go, and this way help yourself to cope with the change. We are afraid that the cliche’ is true – amount of changes does not seem to be declining.