The Time Machine

Do you feel like you never have enough time for anything important anymore?

Clock is ticking, to-do -list is getting longer, dead line is here faster than you want to admit? At the same time phone is stealing your attention and interrupting your work flow? No matter how genius you are in multitasking, nothing is ready yet??

What’s the matter?

Our way of working has changed. Focusing our attention in one task at the time is history, and we are trying to divide our time between boss, colleagues, customers, long to-do lists and phone calls. Social media is a nice thing, except if it gradually turns into hours long daily hobby, and soon you will notice that you see more cat videos than your kids. Being late is a new norm and “being busy” is counted as an acceptable excuse for almost anything. Multitasking seems to help a bit, but will it actually help at all?

How can we help?

Luckily life does not need to be like this. We can improve our ability to focus and concentrate on one task at the time, prioritizing and goal setting will give structure to our days, weeks and life. When time spent in social media is back in control, you will notice the quality of your life improving, and efficiency and happiness grows. How about multitasking then? Well, it sure looks like instead of being the resolution, it might even be part of the problem. The Time Machine helps to solve all this.