Did something difficult to deal with happen to you? Did something unexpected happen to your loved one?
If your employer does not yet offer Auntie services, please let us know!

An illness, challenges of a loved one, or a heart-stopping close call can put the mind into a state of crisis. Situations leave their mark on us but by going through them it’s possible to move forward.

What’s the issue?​

A serious situation affecting you or someone dear to you forces you to re-evaluate life. When your everyday life loses its foundations, by yourself it is difficult to keep moving and find the joy you’ve lost.

What can help?

S.O.S. provides support in situations where there has been a sudden or unexpected change, or you are currently dealing with an unresolved situation that has been bothering you possibly for quite some time now. Together, we figure out what the next step is, and we create hope – it is also possible to overcome this.

Auntie supports you in all kinds of situations. However, if your situation is very serious, we recommend that you contact not only Auntie but also your local official crisis support provider. Such situations include for example death of a loved one, suicide, accidents (for example natural disasters, traffic accidents, and fires) and violence.

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Together, we will find the best options for your company to increase the well-being of your employees with the help of Auntie’s service packages.