Loveboat Sinking

Is your relationship at risk of hitting rock bottom?
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Sometimes the life-long journey with your significant other ends up in the eye of the storm. When sailing through rough times, remember that you are not a passenger but one of the captains.


What’s the matter?

Do you often get the feeling that the expiry date on your relationship is getting close? Or has your ship already hit dry land? When quarrels and arguments become more common than intimacy and joy, it’s time to change your course.

How can we help?

Together we will find strength for the most difficult conversations – to go through the topics you really have to. We will discover what is essential in your relationship and light the spark again. Nurturing a relationship may not always be easy but the result is worth it.


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Together, we will find the best options for your company to increase the well-being of your employees with the help of Auntie’s service packages.