Leader in Rough Waters

Has something hit the fan in your work community, or is the entire company in the grip of change? Are personal conflicts escalating, is someone trying to run the team from behind the scenes?
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What’s the matter?

You see that the situation of the company may only get worse before the disaster strikes. How to deal with the situation, how to move on until the storm one day eases?

How can we help?

With the help of an Auntie professional, Leader in Rough Waters provides support to the supervisor in a difficult situation, or tools to deal with it. The package helps to reflect on possible courses of action, and clarifies your own role in a challenging situation. The package provides tools to support your own and your team members’ well-being in a difficult situation.

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Together, we look for the best options for your company to increase the well-being and well-being of the mind of the manager and the team with the help of Auntie’s service packages.