Why should you count on Auntie?

Auntie services give you tools for today's worklife challenges. Auntie gives new horizons, teaches skills and asks also the tough questions. As a result your employees are more satisfied, creative and vital.

Easy to access

Auntie provides easy-access help for everyday worklife crises. With Auntie, you can discuss worklife challenges in an understandable, constructive and concrete manner. Our service leans heavily forward: we offer a chance to learn and develop before employees loose their sharpest edge, their hope and their ability to work.

Easy to use

Using Auntie’s services really could not be more simple. Your employee selects the appropriate service. Together with an Auntie-professional we find a time that suits best, and the work can start.


We provide measurable results for both your organisation and your empolyee. We set clear targets and follow up the progress. You can’t emphasize enough the technique of small steps!

Extremely reliable

Auntie-professionals are always trained experts of the human mind: psychologists, educational experts, psychotherapists and professional coaches.

Quick help

Auntie is confident, and also our practical experience supports the fact, that most employees get hope, solutions and tools to work out worklife challenges with just a few effective digital sessions. Also research results prove that change is not as difficult as we often believe.