Solutions for employee stress, sleeplessness, lack of motivation or problems in personal life can be found with Auntie professionals. Auntie’s goal is to prevent challenges related to coping and mental well-being, in other words, prevent everyday challenges from escalating into crises. Auntie has a coaching-based, practical approach.

How to start using Auntie in your organisation

The company orders the desired number of Auntie packages per year for the company’s employees. 

The service includes info sessions, support for communications and internal marketing, webinars in English and results reporting.

Employees register to Auntie service packages themselves or HR or the manager may direct a person to the service.

The user selects the suitable package. If necessary, an Auntie professional can help with the package selection.

Each Auntie package includes five 45-minute video sessions with an Auntie professional and easy exercises. 


Who is Auntie for?

Auntie is a service that promotes mental well-being at work. The service is intended for organisations that consider the mental well-being of their personnel important. At the level of individuals, Auntie is a service for those who want to invest in their mental well-being before challenges turn into crises. Auntie is a service that organisations offer to their employees.

What information related to the use of Auntie will be disclosed to the employer?

All sessions are 100 % confidential. Some organisations offer Auntie with full anonymity, while other organisations let the employer know the units and/or names of the service users. Some, though very few, organisations require an approval from the manager or HR.

Who are Auntie professionals?

All Auntie professionals are trained mental well-being professionals: psychologists, brief therapists and solution-focused therapists.

What does Auntie cost?

We are happy to tell you more, but we guarantee that Auntie is far less expensive than absences due to illness! Book a presentation time in the calendar or contact us.


How does Auntie work?

When an organisation has signed a contract with Auntie, Auntie organises an info session for the personnel and people can register to the service online, according to the organisation’s pre-defined practises. When a person has registered, they will receive an email invitation to a preliminary survey. On the basis of the survey responses, a suitable professional is selected for them. The professional will contact the person within three working days and they agree on the video session schedule. As a rule, 45-minute video sessions take place once a week for five weeks.

How much work does Auntie create for HR?

A moderate amount. At first, HR and communications personnel are needed to spread the Auntie message among managers and employees. We warmly recommend that HR personnel themselves take Auntie sessions so that they are able to speak about them with those who would benefit most from Auntie.

Which languages do the Auntie Professionals speak?

Please check the current selection of languages here.

HR professional, leave your contact details here

Together we’ll find the best solutions for the mental well-being and coping of your employees with the help of Auntie Service.