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Listen to the episode: Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – Millennials, do they need special care in working life?

Hanna-Kaisa Raninen – a millennial herself – talks with Mervi Lamminen about the myths and truths about millennials at work.  Are they any different from other age groups in terms of well-being at work? How should they be managed? A millennial has grown up in an always-on 24/7 society. Do they know the boundaries between work and leisure or will they overburden themselves? How do the endless opportunities and the uncertainty of the future affect the millenial – do they dare to plan anything? Hanna-Kaisa is an Auntie-professional, Master of Sports Science and Economics who has been working with recovery, exercise and stress management coaching with individuals and organizations for a decade. In her work as an Auntie professional, she coaches e.g. on the themes of stress management, managing one’s own work, better sleep and coping.